Friday, April 30, 2010

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Well on Sunday I went shopping at Wags to try again, I am trying real hard to be persistant in understanding their policy and rolling RRs and how to save. One of the problems with rolling for me is that I don't want to go a lot of times and so I forget that my rrs are going to expire then they do and then I am pissed. But that is off from what I did on Sunday. I went even though I was sick and I did well although I forgot one thing. I will post my actual transaction later because I am at work and don't have my receipt. But the mistake I made was not remembering to do two seperate transactions for my Pert Plus so I missed out on a $2 RR. But I saved $80, and I was able to roll my RR from the Thermacare deal, I was totally stoked about that.

I think to better help my nerves and pocket book I am going to just start biting the bullet and going at night. I just can not handle the two women particularly that are at the main register and the cosmetics counter that are the only ones checking people out. So I am going to try and just go sometime after I get off work, although next time I am in there and see a young girl who is a nice cashier I am going to have to ask her when those ladies get off work so I wont go to early or wait later than I have too.

I did by 6 12 packs of pepsi, 4 pert plus, 5 packages of stayfree pads and a bottle of water (was sick) for $25 and got back $17 in RR. It said my savings was like $63 so you add the rr to that and I saved about $80!

That is awsome and I am estatic about that but then to think that stuff would have cost that $100 is INSANE!!!! Nope nope nope never shopping there without coupons, crazy place.

Monday, January 25, 2010

My Diary

I don't post my blog out there for people to follow, right now I only have one dear friend Beth who follows me, but for her and future followers I'd like to let you know that my blog is going to be used as a calender of my shopping and spending. To keep track of how I am doing or where I am at. I know I could do this in a number of different programs but I would like to be able to actually type out scenarios at times and post pictures when I have time. So posts may not be perfect, spelling may not be accurate and sentences may not be complete but really, I am letting you in to read my diary. Good luck to me!

Monday, January 4, 2010